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GARMIN Nüvi 865T Firmware Upgrades

Firmware: V4.70 - V4.60 - V4.50 - V4.40 - V4.30 - V4.00 - V3.20 - V3.10 - V3.00 - V2.80 - V2.60

The following lists of changes are based on information provided by GARMIN. Changes or improvements which we consider important or especially useful are shown highlighted.

To view the current firmware version, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn on the GPS.
  2. Switch to the tools page by touching the tool symbol on the lower right side of the main menu.
  3. Touch "Settings".
  4. Touch "System".
  5. Touch "About"
  6. The system will display the firmware version on the second line ("Software Version"), the unit ID on the third line, followed by various additional information.
  7. Touch "Back" to return to the previous page.

Each upgrade replaces the complete firmware in the GPS, which means you need to install only the version you wish to apply. There is no need to install any previous versions.

Note: We suggest to use WebUpdater to update the firmware, language files and other optional software of your GPS. However - like the firmware upgrades available below - WebUpdater does not update any maps.

Changes made from version 4.60 to 4.70:

  1. General stability fixes.
  2. Resolved issue where scrolling through map in dense area may cause street labels to not be displayed.
  3. Resolved issue with unit converter precision and rounding.
  4. Fixed issue where roundabout turn icon occasionally drew at an incorrect angle.
  5. Fixed issue with Arabic street names not displaying.
  6. Resolved issue where searching near route could cause device to freeze/restart.
  7. Resolved issue with several foreign languages not displaying full name of streets in map view.
  8. Fixed loss of audio with Bluetooth and FM transmitter.
  9. Now capable of reading files (maps, etc) larger than 2GB.
  10. Resolved issue causing European devices not to be seen by WebUpdater or other Garmin software.

Firmware Upgrade V4.70 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 4.50 to 4.60:

  1. Correct problem where units entered a loop of Updating GPS firmware.

Firmware Upgrade V4.60 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 4.40 to 4.50:

  1. Corrected issue when unit is connected to a BMW mount.

Firmware Upgrade V4.50 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 4.30 to 4.40:

  1. Note: Due to new POIs in recent maps, this update enables display of POIs on the map. If you would like to disable them, touch 'Tools -> Settings -> Map -> Down Arrow -> Enabled (adjacent to Show POIs) -> Hide All'.
  2. Corrected POI display behavior in newer maps.
  3. Improved handling of Safety Camera messages.
  4. Corrected the display of the Elevation map in Track Up and North Up map views.
  5. FM transmitter no longer reverts to FM mode after being switched to internal speaker.
  6. Corrected MSN Direct 'Go!' button functionality.
  7. Corrected issue that could result in MSN Direct Flight times to be displayed incorrectly.
  8. Corrected issue that could result in MSN Direct Flight review page error.
  9. MSN Direct Flight Status search selection is now saved in Recently Found list.
  10. Enhanced MSN Direct Flight data so that it is now accessible for all airports regardless of proximity.

Firmware Upgrade V4.40 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 4.00 to 4.30:

  1. Adjust FM transmitter performance for Europe.
  2. Improved category searching capability with newer maps.
  3. Fixed Safety Camera announcements to be in the correct language.
  4. Improved MSN Direct support.

Firmware Upgrade V4.30 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 3.20 to 4.00:

  1. U-turn direction icon was sometimes incorrect in UK.
  2. Custom avoid area box wasn't being shaded.
  3. Coordinates on the review page are localized.
  4. Iceland MPC map city search broken.
  5. Formatting on traffic description page corrected for Italian language.
  6. GPS suspend/resume issue resolved.
  7. Corrected Polish MPC map city search.
  8. Improved interaction between POIs and phone calls.
  9. Speed/proximity alerts now work correctly with a VIB 11.
  10. Backlight timeout improvement.

Firmware Upgrade V4.00 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 3.10 to 3.20:

  1. Improved 'Find near' searches for custom POI's.
  2. Improved spell search on MSN items.
  3. MSN Movies review page now includes rating stars.
  4. Improved find nearest POI category searches when using ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition).
  5. Improved Hungarian QWERTY keyboard.
  6. Corrected issue where some POI phone numbers failed to appear on POI review page.
  7. Improved position of sun and moon icons on GPS satellite page.
  8. Improved non-English translations.
  9. Other minor corrections and improvements.

Firmware Upgrade V3.20 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10:

  1. Improved support for WebUpdater.
  2. Corrected issue with DEM data appearance when using track-up map orientation.
  3. Improved FM transmitter frequency adjustments for European locales.
  4. Improved appearance of metadata and spectrum analyzer in Music Player.
  5. Corrected issue where scroll arrows were inactive on MSN movie review pages.
  6. Improved appearance of address search page when maps for two or more countries are detected.
  7. Improved speech recognition support for supplemental map data.
  8. Lowered default backlight brightness in night mode.
  9. Improved shortest time route calculation for some routes.
  10. Corrected issue when viewing multiple traffic events on current route.
  11. Improved coordinate entry keyboard translations.
  12. Improved Audible player to pause and rewind slightly when pause button is pressed.
  13. Improved banner message indicating the MSN Direct free trial was ending.
  14. Improved FM Transmitter broadcast audio quality.
  15. Added hour glass in Language Guide when voice language is being switched.
  16. Improved Music Player to remember track position through suspend/resume or power cycles.
  17. Improved turn preview page so it advances automatically to next turn when one turn completes.
  18. Improved music player to avoid lowering music volume if voice level is set to 0%.
  19. Added space to humidity field on the MSN weather page.
  20. Removed speech recognition shortcuts for volume when using the FM transmitter.
  21. Improved roadside assistance page to only display phone icon if Bluetooth is paired on supported units.
  22. Corrected issue where some outgoing SMS messages had partially obscured text on supported units.
  23. Corrected potential UI freeze when receiving an incoming handsfree call on supported units.
  24. Improved non-English translations.
  25. Other minor corrections and improvements.

Firmware Upgrade V3.10 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 2.80 to 3.00:

  1. Added Language Guide support.
  2. Added HotFix support.
  3. Improved 'Find near' searches.
  4. Improved performance on spell searches.
  5. Improved route calculation time.
  6. Improved suspend/resume.
  7. Improved time zone support for Venezuela and Australia.
  8. Improved route recalculation when switching from pedestrian to automobile mode with a route active.
  9. Improved 'Stop' and 'Detour' icon appearance time on the main page when a route was active.
  10. Improved safety camera alerts to display red or gray banner depending on speed.
  11. Improved display of elevation info to use proper unit of measure based on locale settings.
  12. Improved TourGuide to better handle large pictures.
  13. Improved custom POI review page.
  14. Improved handling of some GPI files.
  15. Improved calculator to work better with percentages.
  16. Improved alarm clock to better handle time zone changes.
  17. Improved trip computer Moving and Total times when greater than 24 hours.
  18. Improved arrival phrases.
  19. Improved adding bookmarks in Audible player when using speech recognition.
  20. Improved spell city search keyboard to include the 'Done' button even if search field is blank.
  21. Corrected issue where TTS prompt would attempt to speak postal codes rather than spelling it out.
  22. Improved Back button on Panoramio photo detail page to jump only one page back.
  23. Improved Music Player.
  24. Added speech recognition shortcut 'find postal code' for supported maps.
  25. Added speech recognition support for supplemental map data.
  26. Added additional voice support.
  27. Improved Panoramio photo detail page to include the name/title of the picture being viewed.
  28. Improved dial keypad to display symbols during a call on supported units.
  29. Improved phone book and call history spell search when paired with a phone on supported units.
  30. Improved Location Messages on supported units.
  31. Improved non-English translations.
  32. Other minor corrections and improvements.

Firmware Upgrade V3.00 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.80:

  1. Corrected possible popping noise when connected to an MSN receiver with a low battery.
  2. Improved sleep countdown after disconnecting from USB mass storage.
  3. Corrected issue with adding new GTM subscription.
  4. Corrected issue when multiple GPI files were loaded, specifically custom POI's.
  5. Corrected issue with Location Message coordinates on supported units.
  6. Changed the default location to the UK when a European preloaded map is detected.
  7. Corrected issue where Speech Recognition would incorrectly stop listening on occasion.
  8. Corrected issue where a route created and initiated with speech recognition might skip the initial voice prompt.
  9. Improved Music Player.
  10. Improved European address searches using speech recognition in German language.
  11. Improved Location Messages to try and avoid incorrectly pushing banner 'message not sent' on supported units.
  12. Improved PeerPoint messages by checking SMS message length and better handling the 160 character limit on supported units.
  13. Improved appearance of display when resuming from sleep.
  14. Improved handling of special characters and diacritics in SMS messages on supported units.
  15. Improved handling of special characters and diacritics when saving from map to Favorites.
  16. Improved Games to pause if a system banner appears.
  17. Improved pronunciation of 'Bluetooth' in several languages on supported units.
  18. Changed Panoramio photos to be organized by distance.
  19. Corrected Italian roadside assistance number.
  20. Corrected issue where some route turn arrows were displayed incorrectly.
  21. Added a plus button for international prefixes to the Favorites phone number keypad on supported units.
  22. Improved 'enter house number' keyboard page after changing the keyboard mode.
  23. Improved non-English translations.
  24. Other minor corrections and improvements.

Firmware Upgrade V2.80 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

To table of contents

Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60:

  1. Improved communication with MapSource, Google Maps and Garmin Connect.
  2. Enabled purchasing of games from Garmin website.
  3. Corrected issue where deleting all MSN stock symbols would prevent user from adding new stock symbols.
  4. Find Near Current Route works for custom POI's entered through POI Loader.
  5. Improved Audible Player.
  6. Improved appearance of DEM basemap.
  7. Improved setting home phone number within Hands Free on supported units.
  8. Improved roundabout turn arrow appearance in UK.
  9. Improved Panoramio favorites to work with Route Tool.
  10. Improved ability to select the checkbox to disable reminders on the safety camera nag banner.
  11. Improved behavior when attempting to view map prior to very first GPS acquisition.
  12. Improved Garmin Lock.
  13. Improved handling of special characters used in SMS text messages on supported units.
  14. Improved mute to stay selected through power cycles.
  15. Turning the unit off during a phone call removes the phone icon correctly on supported units.
  16. Improved audio performance of touch tones after using speech recognition to initiate playing music.
  17. Improved address search behavior if speech recognition is deactivated mid-search and touchscreen is used instead.
  18. Corrected issue when using speech recognition to enter home phone number.
  19. Improved city searches in UK.
  20. Improved city searches in France.
  21. Improved non-English translations.
  22. Other minor corrections and improvements.

Firmware Upgrade V2.60 (Please use WebUpdater to install the latest version)

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GARMIN Nuvi 865T The model GARMIN Nüvi 865T provides fast automatic route calculation - including multiple intermediate destinations if required - plus visual and voice guidance. The voice-activated navigation feature allows you to talk to your Nüvi 865T while you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. The lane assistant indicates the correct path in great detail if there are multiple lanes. There is also a TMC receiver included to incorporate traffic news. The Nüvi 865T is easy to use, has a large, easy to read color display with touch screen, an extremely sensitive antenna and an integrated worldwide base map. It is very well suited as a navigation system in cars, but you may also use it as a hand held device. It has 3.48 GB built-in memory to store detailed maps with even more information, such as local roads, hotels, restaurants, public buildings and points of interest. This model comes with pre-loaded maps of all of Europe which occupy approximately 2.96 GB of memory including various language files. The remaining 535 MB memory is available to store additional detailed maps, MP3 and waypoint files or pictures. This model also has a speech computer to announce the names of the roads, to speak words and phrases of the language guides and to read audible books. The Nüvi 865T is equipped with a BlueTooth interface to communicate with mobile phones which have the required communication capabilities in order to call car rental offices, hotels, restaurants etc. whose phone numbers are stored on the GPS with a single touch on the screen. It can also act as a hands-free extension set to the phones. In addition, the GPS has a slot for an optional SD memory module to store additional maps or data and an USB connector to exchange data with a computer. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery, see detailed description.

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