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Options for GARMIN Forerunner 201

Our shop and our offices remain closed until August 11th, 2020.
During this time, we neither process orders, nor do we answer phone calls. For warranty cases or repairs, please send an email to or use our contact form.

We shall be happy to serve you again beginning Wednesday August 12th, 2020.


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Quick release kit for GARMIN Forerunner 201/301 and Foretrex 201

Quick release kit

  • Allows fast switching between running or swimming (wrist strap) and biking (handle bar)
  • Made out of black, strong plastic
  • One wrist strap with quick release
  • One handlebar mounting kit with quick release and rubber disc, four plastic straps to attach mounting kit included
  • Bracket for Forerunner 201/301 and Foretrex 201 fitting the quick releases, two pins included
  • Two tools to handle pins included
  • The adapter has to be mounted only once

  • Price:    Add item to shopping basket CHF 19 | EUR 17
Adapter for GARMIN handlebar mounting kit

Mounting adapter for handlebars:

  • Made out of black, strong plastic
  • Fits with handlebars with approx. 25 to 32 mm mm (1.0 to 1.3 inch) diameter
  • 3 rubber bands included for better fitting
  • Requires a suitable handlebar mounting kit

  • Price:    Add item to shopping basket CHF 15 | EUR 13
Wrist strap for GARMIN Forerunner/Foretrex 201

Wrist strap:

  • Wrist strap with hook and loop fastener
  • Elastic extension strap
  • 2 pins plus mounting tool included

  • Price:    Add item to shopping basket CHF 14 | EUR 12


GARMIN Forerunner 201 As a personal training assistant, the GARMIN Forerunner 201 records the travelled path (track), distance, time and pace/speed, computes the calories burned and helps to achieve your personal workout goals. The built-in serial interface supports data exchange with a PC, see detailed description.


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