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Options for GARMIN cfQue 1620


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Adhesive base for GARMIN dashboard mounting and hands-free kit

Adhesive base for GARMIN dashboard mounting kit

Allows seemless switching of a GARMIN dashboard mounting kit between vehicles. Each dashboard mounting kit comes with such an adhesive base, an additional base allows to use the same mounting kit - and therefore the same GPS device - in two vehicles.
Instead of buying multiple adhesive bases, you may consider to buy a removable base.

  • Made out of black, strong plastic
  • Base with adhesive foil
  • Shutter for quick mounting and dismounting

  • Price:    Add item to shopping basket CHF 11


GARMIN cfQue 1620 GPS receiver for PDA with Compact Flash slot (type I and II). Includes navigation software for PDAs with operating system Pocket PC and Windows Mobile. Supports auto-routing with visual and voice guidance. There is 64 MB of built-in memory to store base and detailed maps. Well suited as a hand held device or to be used in all kinds of vehicles. The GARMIN cfQue 1620 turns your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) into a perfect navigation system, see detailed description.


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