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Firmware: V8.80 - V8.50 - V8.10 - V7.20 - V6.30 - V5.90 - V5.80 - V5.50 - V5.40 - V4.30 - V4.20 - V4.10

The following lists of changes are based on information provided by GARMIN. Changes or improvements which we consider important or especially useful are shown highlighted.

To view the current firmware version, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn on the GPS.
  2. Press the MENU key twice.
  3. "Setup" is now highlighted, press the ENTER key.
  4. "System" is now highlighted, press "up" and "right". "About" should now be highlighted - if not, navigate through the Setup until About is highlighted.
  5. Press the ENTER key.
  6. The system will display the firmware version at the first line ("Software Version") and the unit ID on the second line, followed by various other information.
  7. Press the QUIT key to return to the previous page.

Each upgrade replaces the complete firmware in the GPS, which means you need to install only the version you wish to apply. There is no need to install any previous versions.

Changes made from version 8.50 to 8.80:

  1. Added support for creating courses. Courses can be navigated point to point like a track, or using map data like a route.
  2. Added support for syncing courses with Garmin Explore. Requires updated Garmin Explore app.
  3. Added ability to convert routes and tracks to courses.
  4. Added ability to pair to Garmin Explore without first pairing to GARMIN Connect Mobile (GCM). Requires updated Garmin Explore app.
  5. Added option to search for POIs near a selected city.
  6. Added on course and off course alerts to track navigation.
  7. Added support for displaying contact names when viewing recipients of a preset message.
  8. Improved status bar to show paired sensors instead of only enabled sensors.
  9. Improved Bluetooth device names in sensor setup.
  10. Fixed possible issues with live geocache lists.
  11. Fixed possible issues returning to the adventure review map from another page.
  12. Fixed time data when copying tracks in reverse.
  13. Fixed issue where route list would not update after route was deleted.
  14. Fixed issue with keyboard language not persisting through power cycles.
  15. Fixed an issue deleting adventures that contain routes.
  16. Fixed possible issue with elapsed time when recording is paused.
  17. Fixed possible shutdown selecting Current Activity from the Recorded Activities app.
  18. Fixed issue where messages would appear during power-down.
  19. Fixed possible issue with missing track stats in GPX files.
  20. Fixed issue selecting the first point on the active route page.
  21. Fixed possible shutdown on keyboard page.
  22. Fixed display issue on photo viewer page.
  23. Fixed recording with expedition mode when auto-start is off.
  24. Fixed issue where archived tracks could not be deleted.
  25. Fixed issue with LiveTrack data not being sent correctly.
  26. Fixed issue with displaying a blue background on the Weather hourly details page.
  27. Fixed possible issue with not being able to scroll to view all details in the info tab of an inReach message.
  28. Fixed an issue with not properly handling received inReach reference point messages.
  29. Updated low battery alerts to display when remaining battery is 25%, 10% and 5%.

Firmware Upgrade V8.80 (Connect your device with your Wi-Fi or use GARMIN Express or Web-Updater to install the latest firmware)

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Changes made from version 8.10 to 8.50:

  1. Fixed possible issues with Explore sync.
  2. Fixed possible issue with incorrect track distances when using expedition mode.
  3. Fixed issue where the text and keyboard languages could get out of sync.
  4. Fixed possible invalid track in GPX files after changing color.
  5. Fixed issue with not displaying the track line color indicator in Recording Controls.
  6. Fixed possible shutdown when using a right-to-left language keyboard.
  7. Fixed possible shutdown in Waypoint Manager after deleting all waypoints.
  8. Fixed possible shutdown when viewing the Current Activity from the Find menu.
  9. Fixed possible issues starting recording if inReach is not activated.
  10. Fixed possible layout and display issues on the inReach Plan Details page.
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Changes made from version 7.20 to 8.10:

  1. Improved recent finds list to include navigation started from the map.
  2. Improved functionality of navigation features with Explore.
  3. Improved round trip routing setup experience.
  4. Improved naming of sensors to make ANT vs BLE more clear.
  5. Fixed issue with message and tracking setup items not respecting device profiles.
  6. Fixed issue with weather map not defaulting to active weather position.
  7. Fixed possible issues with items missing during Explore Sync.
  8. Fixed an issue where certain submenus could be drawn off screen.
  9. Fixed issue setting custom waypoint offsets using filename.
  10. Fixed possible issues that caused the main menu to draw over the current page.
  11. Fixed possible shutdown related to BirdsEye direct downloads.
  12. Fixed possible issue getting stuck on a page after powerup.
  13. Fixed possible issues with postal code searches.
  14. Fixed issue where proximity alerts would only alert once.
  15. Fixed missing alerts from points loaded using POI loader tool.
  16. Fixed adding hidden SSID networks.
  17. Fixed possible issues with time restricted speed limits.
  18. Fixed navigation to a geocache to always continue until ended by user.
  19. Fixed geocache file list to wrap.
  20. Fixed some issues with geocache photos.
  21. Fixed issue where certain pages could incorrectly appear to have tabs.
  22. Fixed issue where fit activities could be missing start time data.
  23. Fixed issue where bearing line would not appear on map in CDI compass mode.
  24. Removed repeated prompts for inReach Activation at powerup.
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Changes made from version 6.30 to 7.20:

  1. Added support for starting navigation from the Explore app.
  2. Added support for displaying emoji in inReach text messages.
  3. Added an emoji keyboard for use when composing inReach messages.
  4. Added support for composing a message to an address received in an inReach text message.
  5. Improved the process of deleting .ggz files.
  6. Fixed issue with geocache proximity alarm slowing down start up times.
  7. Fixed issue that could occur when clearing geocaching live data while navigating to a geocache.
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Changes made from version 5.90 to 6.30:

  1. Added support for blinking the red LED to indicate low battery.
  2. Added support for the additional waypoints part of a geocache to be downloaded via geocaching live.
  3. Added geocache proximity alerts.
  4. Added Auto Save to recording setup, replacing Auto Archive.
  5. Added Garmin Explore collections manager.
  6. Improved BirdsEye Direct download speeds.
  7. Improved use of Menu > Menu so that page sequence positioning is not lost.
  8. Improved Chirp icon to indicate when Chirp is active.
  9. Improved behavior of navigation of the active track after a power cycle.
  10. Fixed possible issues with entering Expedition Mode with GPS + GALILEO or WAAS/EGNOS enabled.
  11. Fixed possible issues with using Share Wirelessly to transfer pictures or custom maps.
  12. Fixed possible shutdowns related to BirdsEye Direct.
  13. Fixed possible issues with Chirp pages.
  14. Fixed possible issues with geocache filters.
  15. Fixed possible display issue on the review page for right to left languages.
  16. Fixed incorrect location data on geocache logs.
  17. Fixed issues with viewing and sending preset messages containing several recipients.
  18. Connect IQ security improvements.
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Changes made from version 5.80 to 5.90:

  1. CIQ security update.
  2. Fixed issue with viewing three-digit temperatures on the inReach and Active Weather pages.
  3. Fixed potential issue with poor device performance when receiving inReach messages.
  4. Fixed an issue with inReach Tracking erroneously stopping when in Expedition Mode.
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Changes made from version 5.50 to 5.80:

  1. Fixed CIQ applications not being able to download content.
  2. Fixed coordinates display on the Satellite page when in demo mode.
  3. Fixed sending XERO locations to another device.
  4. Fixed rendering of overlapping BirdsEye maps.
  5. Fixed track review map not always centering on the track.
  6. Fixed native spelling of languages in the language selection list.
  7. Fixed address display when selecting messages from the map.
  8. Fixed right-to-left language issues in inReach Messages.
  9. Improved cold temperature battery capacity monitoring.
  10. Updated World Magnetic Model to 2020 release.
  11. Added file-based configuration of inReach Contacts, Quick Texts, and Presets for Professional users.
  12. Added over-the-air inReach settings profiles for Professional users.
  13. Added ability to automatically import GPX data from SD card for Professional users.
  14. Added created date and time to the inReach Message Details page.
  15. Added support for cancelling an inReach Communications Test.
  16. Renamed LiveTrack to Tracking.
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Changes made from version 5.40 to 5.50:

  1. Added ability to display FIT Activities on the map.
  2. Added new setting to hide inReach messages on the map.
  3. Added the ability to edit the name of inReach Weather locations.
  4. Added the ability to change the forecast type when updating an inReach Weather forecast.
  5. Added time zone field to the inReach Weather forecast information page.
  6. Improved hiking route calculation performance.
  7. Fixed issue with using Spell Search to find cities in BirdsEye Direct.
  8. Fixed issue with editing coordinates.
  9. Fixed issue with deleting routes.
  10. Fixed issue with erroneous Track Archive Error dialog displaying at startup.
  11. Fixed keypad input preventing Wi-Fi networks from being added.
  12. Fixed issue with saving an inReach Message as a waypoint.
  13. Fixed issue with Bluetooth pairing to an iPhone 11.
  14. Fixed issue with displaying invalid positions in some position formats.
  15. Fixed issue with mismatched durations in Trip Computer and Recording Controls when using Expedition Mode.
  16. Fixed issue with scrolling a long message on the Message Details page.
  17. Fixed Message Details page layout when elevation is missing.
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Changes made from version 4.30 to 5.40:

  1. Added support for inReach Weather.
  2. Added ability to add Contacts, LiveTrack, and Messages setup items to the main menu.
  3. Added support for adjusting volume of device tones.
  4. Improved Active Weather user interface.
  5. Improved display of inReach messages on the map.
  6. Fixed issues with downloading BirdsEye imagery.
  7. Fixed issue with not properly resetting Ascent, Descent, and Elevation fields in Trip Computer.
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Changes made from version 4.20 to 4.30:

  1. Added support for the inReach Remote feature.
  2. Added the option to discard edits to a contact.
  3. Fixed data on the inReach Plan Usage page.
  4. Fixed issue when creating proximity alarms.
  5. Improved the contact editing keyboard.
  6. Improved Bluetooth reliability.
To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.10 to 4.20:

  1. Fixed issue with downloading BirdsEye imagery.
To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 3.00 to 4.10:

  1. inReach messages will now draw on the map.
  2. Added create and update Contacts.
  3. Added ability to update plan details.
  4. Added plan usage page.
  5. Added keyboards for Ukrainian, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Farsi.
  6. Added warning to charge icon when device is too hot or cold to charge.
  7. Improved altimeter calibration after each startup.
  8. Removed Forward button from Preset messages.
  9. Improved message details page when using night mode.
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GARMIN GPSMAP 66s GARMIN GPSMAP 66st GARMIN GPSMAP 66sr GARMIN GPSMAP 66i Rugged hand held GPS devices with large color display, integrated base map, auto-routing, slot for uSD memory card, high-speed USB interface, electronic compass, barometrical altimeter, support for WiFi and wireless communication with compatible devices. The GPSMAP 66st/66sr/66i come furthermore with pre-installed maps TopoActive Europe. All models support the U.S. GPS and the European GALILEO satellites, the models GPSMAP 66s and 66st support also the Russian GLONASS satellites. The model GPSMAP 66sr supports GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO simultaneously (Multi-Band). The GPSMAP 66i is capable of sending and receiving short messages and triggering interactive emergency calls to GEOS via Iridium satellites from every location worldwide without the need of a mobile network (inReach subscription required), see detailed description.

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